Speaker Announcement
January 10, 2017
Draft Agenda Confirmed
January 16, 2017

The Training Tracks: Place: Powerful & Predictive Data Modelling

Richard Owen and Dr George Ursachi will be joined by colleagues travelling all the way from Newcastle University to host our Training Track on ‘Place’.

We look forward to welcoming Dr Neil Thorpe of Transport Operations Research Group (TORG), Dr Lee Fawcett Lecturer in Statistics and Joe Matthews Postgraduate Research Student

This session will look at powerful statistical techniques for analysing the effect of place-based road safety interventions such as engineering and enforcement schemes.  It will also look at how new systems are becoming available that provide for an element of collision prediction modelling in an easy-to-use interface.  Experts will introduce examples of where statistical techniques have been applied to road safety analysis and demonstrate how they can be applied at a local level.  The training track if very much focussed on ensuring those participating come away with practical solutions that they can use themselves to add extra weight to their own work