The Essex Perspective
February 13, 2017
Dedicated session on ‘Enforcement Data’ announced
January 30, 2018

Matt Staton Cambridgeshire County Council to present on ‘the problem with KSI: Using trauma data to analyse injury severity’

This presentation will describe how trauma network data has been used in Cambridgeshire to undertake an epidemiological analysis of road traffic injury causation and how this demonstrates problems around reliance on Stats 20 definitions of serious injury and raises questions around targeting those who are injured when designing road safety interventions.


The work undertaken in Cambridgeshire sets a precedent for this type of data sharing nationally and has provided the groundwork for a research project looking at whether prevention strategies based on the marketing preferences of culpable persons and high-risk road user profiles would be more effective at reducing the number of road traffic related injuries and deaths than strategies based on casualty based data alone