Richard Owen
December 31, 2018
Paul Copeland
February 6, 2019

Dr George Ursachi

George Ursachi, Senior Research Analyst

For the past three years George was involved in various research and analysis projects in Road Safety field and had the opportunity to enrich his knowledge in the field and to bring his contribution in improving the power of analysis and the robustness of used methodologies. With his multi-field skills and capabilities and his research and statistical experience and expertise, George is well-equipped to lead analysis projects, ensuring that robust methodologies, appropriate conditions, and appropriate measurement and evaluation designs are in place through all stages of the projects. In addition to several awards for projects he has worked on, George was awarded the International Transport Forum’s 2018 Young Researcher of the Year Award, for his work on profiling drink-drivers involved in UK collisions.

With a strong background in marketing and marketing research fields, and extensive experience in business development research, business intelligence and market segmentation, George has specialised in research design and methodologies and had been constructing and implementing research instruments and methodologies for business clients for more than eight years. Having a few years of academic teaching experience as well, George is also capable to understand and communicate to young audience and to employ modern techniques for engaging young audiences in the process of learning.