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December 31, 2018
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December 31, 2018

Richard Owen

Since 2003 Richard has contributed to road safety work in the UK by playing a leading role in developing areas as diverse as technology, transparency, partnership governance and analysis.  Starting out in one of the nation’s largest safety camera partnerships, Richard worked with colleagues to create Headline Data, the world’s first analytical platform that combined collision data with a socio-demographic classification system to allow much more targeted communications to ‘at-risk’ road users.

Building on this, Richard was heavily involved in the development of the MASTonline analytical platform, which was initially grant funded by the Department for Transport, and continues to be used by around two-thirds of highway authorities across Britain. At the same time as his work on MASTonline, Richard was also working on developing the ‘V-FOUR’ enforcement management database.

Following the dissolution of the Safer Roads Partnership in 2011, Richard worked with colleagues to set-up Road Safety Analysis (RSA). He is one of the principle designers behind the Safer Roads service in Berkshire; a low-cost, multi-sectoral model of road safety delivery that offers excellent value for money to the public sector and measurable results. With colleagues Richard has authored a number of important reports that have highlighted road risk at a national level including Child Casualties 2010, Stepping Out and Things That Go Bump in the Night.

Richard is one of the creators of, the leading free-to-search publication site for road casualty data. In recent months he has gone on to pioneer public dashboard solutions that encourage access to road safety metrics for communities and decision makers (such as the recent PACTS & Direct Line constituency dashboard). Richard has been involved in a number of award winning projects and was recognised for his achievements in 2015 with the Kevin Storey Award for Outstanding Commitment to Road Safety.