Joining the Dots 2018

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Sir Nic Cary
Sir Nic Cary is a transport data strategist, specialising in intelligent mobility, who has held a wide range of senior data strategy, data transformation and technical roles. As Head of Data Policy at the Department for Transport he was focussed on the transforming effect that access to good quality reliable data can have on our economy.
Nic’s work at the DfT spanned data policy, the digitisation of public services, user needs research, Cabinet Office and Treasury approvals and the integration of third party supplier work, including that of digital agencies. A strategic and analytical thinker his work has spanned organisational boundaries and challenged an oftentimes siloed public sector mentality.
Ivo Wengraf
RAC Foundation
Dr Ivo Wengraf is Research & Data Manager at the RAC Foundation, where his research interests cut across the four research areas of the Foundation (economics, environment, mobility and road safety). He has written research reports on younger driver road safety, deprivation and the journey to work and the environmental impact of changes to driving style.
Prior to working at the Foundation, he was a post-doctoral fellow at the Technical University of Munich. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a Member of the Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation.
He will be demonstrating oneminutetrafficdata, a new free R package from the RAC Foundation. He will be showing what road safety research might be possible by using this package to examine historical SRN traffic data, VMS messages and variable speed limits.
Suzy Charman
Road Safety Foundation
Suzy became Research Director of the Road Safety Foundation in 2017. She is responsible for overseeing the technical quality and delivery of the Foundation’s research portfolio. In 2005, Suzy joined EuroRAP and, over the coming years, led the programme of work that resulted in the establishment of iRAP. Formerly TRL’s Head of International Road Safety, Suzy is also a trustee of the transport charity Transaid. Suzy was a member of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration for five years and led one area of work on road safety infrastructure management tools and methods.
Suzy is an experienced technical lead and project manager, having undertaken a wide variety of projects including the development of multi-sector national road safety strategies and action plans, speed management methodologies, bench-marking road safety performance and innovative approaches to self-explaining roads.
Laurence Oakes Ash
City Science
Laurence has spent his career bringing together large, real-time datasets and turning them into actionable strategies. This has been in the areas of business management, automated systems, risk and now energy and transport. In his former life, he managed high-value share trading platforms across Europe and witnessed the radical digitization and automation of the finance industry. He is now applying his knowledge and experience to data-driven decision making in cities
Bruce Walton
Road Safety Analysis
Bruce’s experience combines development and application of sophisticated analytical techniques with expertise in road safety intelligence. He is now the Technical and Analysis Director of Road Safety Analysis.
Bruce Walton on Road Safety Analysis website >
Dr Sam Chapman
The floow
Dr Sam Chapman is the Co-Founder, Chief Innovation Officer and a Director of The Floow Limited. The Floow are a company with the mission to make mobility safer and smarter for all. The Floow specialise in understanding risk arising from driving for Insurance firms across the globe.
Sam’s focus is upon driving The Floow’s research in cutting edge capabilities for understanding risk as people move. Sam has a keen interest in applying new data, approaches and technology to better determine risk on the road.
Sam is a graduate of the University of Sheffield, where he achieved a PhD in Large Scale Information Integration, now Sam manages a number of large-scale research projects exploring the future of mobility focusing upon aspects of risk, telematics, driverless cars, and smart cities.