Will Cubbin Road Safety Strategy Analyst Essex Highways

After graduating from Coventry University Faculty of Engineering, Will Cubbin joined Essex Police as a Criminal Intelligence Analyst. This work involved helping local officers identify priorities and link local crime trends with information about offenders. An internal move to a specialist role involved using often limited information to help address issues ranging from community tensions to national security. This included some work behind the scenes of the 2012 Olympic Torch Relay and Cross Country Mountain Bike event (both held in Essex), as well as some memorable training exercises with the now defunct Joint Intelligence Group. After the Olympics Will moved to Essex County Council to work as a performance analyst in Adult Social Care. The new role involved learning more about statistics and SQL, and new travel arrangements meant Will went from occasional mountain-biker to full-time cycle commuter. This ignited a strong belief in the health and social benefits of cycling, well timed to enjoy watching British sporting success on the track, road, and downhill course.

The following year an internal move saw Will begin his current role as Road Safety Strategy Analyst; managing two data officers and providing analytical support to the Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP). This involves close working with Essex Police, including a long term project developing working practices to make the most of the CRASH system. Other projects tend to focus on identifying priority groups for engagement, and looking for trends in collision data to inform the content of the engagement. Will also uses road traffic offence and NDORS data, STATS19 collision data, and national published datasets to meet the information requirements of partnership managers and the SERP board. Most recently Will has completed a paper focussing on motorcyclist casualties in the Eastern Region on behalf of Highways England.